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Download our Android app to measure your mobile broadband
Download our app to measure your
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Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 12.05.47The app is designed to be installed on a consumer’s smartphone via Google Play or via the App store.  Both are free to download.

The apps are slightly different in how they operate. Once the Andriod app is installed the application will run continuously in the background, periodically waking up to perform measurements. The iPhone app runs manual tests which a user would have to initiate if they wanted to discover their speed.

When starting a measurement cycle, the application runs a brief latency test to all measurement servers hosted by SamKnows. This process allows us to determine the nearest measurement server (in terms of latency). The measurement server with the lowest round-trip latency is selected as the target for all subsequent measurements (throughput, latency and packet loss).

The information we collect about broadband performance is anonymous. We collect no personally identifiable information about the consumer or the consumer’s device. The Android app is configured by default not to use more than 100MB per month, and you can adjust this data cap up or down to suit your individual data plan. The iPhone app also has a default data cap but you may choose to exceed this if you wish.