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Since its inception in 2010 the Measuring Broadband America program has brought together major ISPs, consumers, industry, academics, and the public with a goal of creating a platform to collect and make publicly available accurate data on actual broadband performance to establish a shared baseline for understanding the evolution of broadband in the United States.

Originally launched as the Performance Monitoring Network, the FCC Measuring Broadband America Program is a unique project that aims to gather and report statistical data on the performance of broadband providers with a view to building a true picture of actual, real-time broadband performance that can be used to influence, educate and improve broadband provision across America.

This mammoth task would not have been possible without the hundreds of thousands of users who have demonstrated a real commitment to helping us in this aim. Volunteers host a SamKnows Whitebox, which easily connects to their home network and performs a series of tests at regular intervals during the day, every day of the year. Once installed, all the work happens automatically with no involvement from the user.

It couldn’t be easier!

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