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Why Sign Up? ImproveInformation is power.

The Measuring Broadband America campaign is a unique project that aims to gather and report on statistically valid broadband performance data.  The long-term goal is to build an accurate picture of real time broadband performance that can be used to influence, educate and improve broadband provision across America.

Although the project focuses on measuring speed it also looks, amongst other factors, at latency and packet loss, which play a vital role in determining the quality of a consumer’s broadband performance.  The suite of tests developed aims to measure all key aspects of a consumer’s network connection and give a holistic and accurate representation of ISP performance.

The data collected is used by everyone, from academic institutions to the government, to help shape policy and to better understand the challenges in rolling out broadband access to everyone who needs it.  The MBA program is always looking for more people to join up, the movement would not exist without the amazingly committed volunteers who have already signed up to test their broadband.

If you would like to be part of the project, and help make a change for the better, then click here to find more about signing up.


Any consumer who signs up to the MBA program is entitled to receive information on their broadband connection.  Consumers get access to a constant stream of personal data displayed through a state of the art dashboard allowing them to monitor their network performance.

The FCC also produce a yearly report based on collated measurements from all ISPs who participate in the project.  This report allows consumers to see how their ISP performs compared to other providers in the industry as well as showing a national view of broadband performance.  The report is made freely available and is a key resource for academic and industry analysis.

Consumer privacy is of upmost priority so please note that the collection and analysis of data does not compromise this in any way.  The tests carried out on broadband connections are completely anonymous and no information is collected about the consumer or their personal browsing data.


Install a SamKnows ‘Whitebox’ or download the new mobile app.  Either way consumers will be guaranteed access to the most accurate and comprehensive data about the quality of their broadband performance.

Both the fixed and mobile testing suites include the obligatory speeds tests, latency, and packet loss, and the platform also supports DNS query times and failures, web loading times, and other important simulated features of your Internet experience.  Work is always continuing on developing new tests to help us achieve our long-term goal of providing statistically sound, useful measurements of overall broadband quality.